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    AMC LAVA GEL™ is a viscosifier used to build viscosity in all types of water, from fresh to saturated brines. AMC LAVA GEL™ is stable at extremely high temperatures, making it ideal for use in high temperature geothermal fluids.


    MAGNESIUM OXIDE is used to provide alkalinity control for all water based systems and is compatible with freshwater, brines, and brine polymer systems. MAGNESIUM OXIDE dissolves in water to provide a pH of approximately 10.3. At this pH, no more magnesium oxide will dissolve with any remaining undissolved product dissolving if the pH falls. This creates a pH buffer that is safer to use than caustic soda.


    STONEDUST is sized calcium carbonate that is effective in bridging, weighting, controlling seepage and circulation losses in drilling, drill-in, and completion fluids.