Agentes para control de filtrado

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    AMC EZEE PAC L™ is a new generation, highly dispersive low viscosity polyanionic cellulose polymer used for improving filtration control in most water based drilling fluid systems without appreciably increasing viscosity. AMC EZEE PAC L™ will not fisheye and has been designed to disperse rapidly into any make-up water even under the poorest conditions. The mixing efficiencies of AMC EZEE PAC L™ reduces wastage and promotes lower mud costs and total hole costs.


    AMC FILTREX™ is a high molecular weight polymer emulsion. When added to a water-based drilling fluid, it reduces the rate at which drilling fluid pressure invades the borehole wall during drilling. AMC FILTREX™ can also be used when drilling into reactive clays and shales, reducing pore pressure transmission and improving filtrate control. AMC FILTREX™ is effective in brittle, water-sensitive formations.


    AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is specially developed for use in the AMC MAXI VIS™ system where normal starch does not work due to its incompatibility with the other ingredients. AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is a modified non-ionic polysaccharide which provides filtration control to normal water based muds as well as those that must remain free of ionic additives. This natural polymer is effective in all make-up water, including high-salinity and high-hardness brines such as NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, CaCl2 and complex brines.


    AMC PAC LV™ is a low-molecular weight polyanionic cellulose polymer, which is an extremely effective filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water and meets or exceeds API specifications for low viscosity PAC.


    AMC RESI DRILL™ is a product designed to give any drilling fluid non invasive properties. It reduces dynamic filtration loss, stabilises wellbores and protects reservoirs from damage. The product is formulated to reduce fluid loss and stabilise shale by preventing filtrate invasion into permeable structures. Filter cake and differential sticking are therefore minimised and weak formations are stabilised. The product also has a high degree of environmental acceptability.


    AUS DEX™ is a modified starch with a high degree of environmental acceptability. AUS DEX™ provides filtration control without excessive viscosity build-up in most water based fluids ranging from fresh water to high concentrations of monovalent salts and low concentrations of divalent ions.