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  • AMC K ION™

    AMC K ION™ is a specialised product that functions as shale and clay stabiliser in situations where environmental restrictions prohibit the use of chemicals containing chlorides.


    AMC LINSEED SOAP™ is produced from processed linseed and contains no harsh chemicals or hydrocarbon based ingredients. AMC LINSEED SOAP™ has been developed to enable the core sample to enter and slide more easily into the inner tube promoting longer runs through fractured broken formations. AMC LINSEED SOAP™ will protect and improve the life of the inner tube, is water soluble and will not stain the core.


    AMC LIQUI SPERSE™ is a polymeric thinner designed to effectively deflocculate bentonite muds and control rheological properties. It is a water soluble, easily dispersed liquid and requires only small concentrations to provide effective thinning results. AMC LIQUI SPERSE™ can be added to thin and stabilize bentonite muds prior to the addition of other additives such as AMC PAC L™ filtration reducing agent.


    AMC LIQUID ROD GREASE™ has the ability to adhere to the formation and the steel rods to dramatically improve lubrication and reduce rotational pressure and torque. AMC LIQUID ROD GREASE™ is non-toxic, environmentally acceptable and easy to apply.


    AMC MAXI VIS™ is a mixed-metal oxide (MMO) product that provides an enhanced rheological profile and stability for exceptional hole cleaning and suspension in a package that is easy to design, mix and maintain. AMC MAXI VIS™ creates a highly shear-thinning fluid with a low plastic viscosity (PV), high Yield Point (YP) and flat gels. AMC MAXI VIS™ provides excellent solids suspension and easily screens at any flow rate.


    AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is specially developed for use in the AMC MAXI VIS™ system where normal starch does not work due to its incompatibility with the other ingredients. AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is a modified non-ionic polysaccharide which provides filtration control to normal water based muds as well as those that must remain free of ionic additives. This natural polymer is effective in all make-up water, including high-salinity and high-hardness brines such as NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, CaCl2 and complex brines.


    AMC PLUG™ is a polymer in granular form that absorbs up to 500 times its original volume in water. AMC PLUG™ is ideal for sealing zones of lost circulation and can also be used to reduce rod vibration in holes where lost returns are a problem.


    AMC PURE VIS™ is a specially formulated blend of additives that improves both hole cleaning and downhole lubrication. AMC PURE VIS™ provides a robust drilling fluid system without the problems associated when preparing and shearing powder polymer in environments where mixing equipment is limited.


    AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ is a specially formulated, tenacious, barium-based grease recommended for use on diamond drill rods to reduce vibration and friction between the rod and casing or rock strata. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ is particularly effective in dry hole drilling, is thermally stable and will perform in a variety of harsh conditions. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ has superior adhesion characteristics designed to provide exceptional film strength when subjected to extreme down hole pressures.


    AMC SAND FIX™ está diseñado para mantener la estabilidad del pozo y minimizar los problemas relacionados con la perforación de arenas sueltas, cantos rodados y gravas. Además, promueve la estabilidad de pozos en formaciones que tienden desplazarse y colapsar.


    AMC SUPERLUBE™ es un aceite vegetal que se ha desarrollado específicamente para la industria de exploración minera. Sus propiedades de lubricación a presión extrema fueron diseñadas para los parámetros de operación en la superficie de la broca, proporcionando mejoras en la velocidad de penetración y prolongando la vida útil de la broca.


    AMC TORQUE GUARD™ es un lubricante único de última generación y alto rendimiento a presiones extremas. Este producto utiliza tecnología sofisticada para mejorar las cualidades de lubricación de los fluidos de perforación mediante características avanzadas de adhesión y formación de película. AMC TORQUE GUARD™ es un lubricante de alto rendimiento diseñado específicamente para reducir el coeficiente de fricción de la mayoría de sistemas de fluidos de perforación base agua.

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