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    AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is specially developed for use in the AMC MAXI VIS™ system where normal starch does not work due to its incompatibility with the other ingredients. AMC NEUTRA DEX™ is a modified non-ionic polysaccharide which provides filtration control to normal water based muds as well as those that must remain free of ionic additives. This natural polymer is effective in all make-up water, including high-salinity and high-hardness brines such as NaCl, KCl, MgCl2, CaCl2 and complex brines.


    AMC PLUG™ is a polymer in granular form that absorbs up to 500 times its original volume in water. AMC PLUG™ is ideal for sealing zones of lost circulation and can also be used to reduce rod vibration in holes where lost returns are a problem.


    AMC PURE VIS™ is a specially formulated blend of additives that improves both hole cleaning and downhole lubrication. AMC PURE VIS™ provides a robust drilling fluid system without the problems associated when preparing and shearing powder polymer in environments where mixing equipment is limited.


    AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ is a specially formulated, tenacious, barium-based grease recommended for use on diamond drill rods to reduce vibration and friction between the rod and casing or rock strata. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ is particularly effective in dry hole drilling, is thermally stable and will perform in a variety of harsh conditions. AMC ROD GREASE XTRA TACKY™ has superior adhesion characteristics designed to provide exceptional film strength when subjected to extreme down hole pressures.


    AMC SAND FIX™ contains a unique blend of synthetic polymers designed to support hole stability and minimise associated problems when drilling loose sands, cobbles and gravels. AMC SAND FIX™ is an alternative to bentonite and effective in promoting bore-hole stability in collapsing and shifting formations. AMC SAND FIX™ is a versatile product for all drilling applications.


    AMC SUPERLUBE™ is a vegetable based oil which was developed specifically for the mineral exploration industry. Its extreme pressure lubrication properties were designed for the operating parameters at the bit face giving improved penetration rates and extended bit life.


    AMC TORQUE GUARD™ is a distinctive, next generation, high performance extreme pressure lubricant utilising sophisticated technologies to improve the lubricating qualities of a drilling fluid through advanced adhesion and filming characteristics. AMC TORQUE GUARD™ is a high performance torque reducer specifically designed to provide friction reduction through enhanced lubricating characteristics of most water-based drilling fluid systems.

  • AMC ULW SRU™ featuring IMDEX MUD AID™

    As part of IMDEX’s Drilling Optimisation solution, the IMDEX MUD AID™ and AMC Ultra-light Solids Removal Unit™ (ULW SRU™) converge to optimise rate of penetration, core recovery and meters per bit, utilising the latest solids control, fluid analysis and remote tracking technology – all in an ultra light-weight design.


    AMC XAN BORE™ is a premium quality biopolymer powder designed to provide maximum solids suspension and hole cleaning in vertical wells as well as horizontal directional drilling applications. AMC XAN BORE™ is a distinctive product, able to produce a thixotropic shear thinning fluid. AMC XAN BORE™ also acts as a very effective mud filtrate viscosifier.

  • AMC™ PAC HV™

    AMC PAC HV™ is a regular grade polyanionic cellulose polymer that meets or exceeds API specifications for high viscosity PAC. It is an effective viscosifier and filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water.


    IMDEX MUD AID™ (Automated In-field Diagnosis) is a remotely monitored, in-field mud testing unit, designed to optimise and automate fluid management.


    MAGMA FIBER is a specially formulated extrusion of spun mineral fibre. The long, flexible fibres will reduce seepage and lost circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formation.

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