Webinar recording: Introduction to IMDEX ioGAS

In conjunction with The Early Career Network (Geological Society) and Early Career Professionals Committee (Society of Economic Geologists), IMDEX Global Product Manager – Geosciences, James Cleverley and IMDEX Chief Geoscientist, Dave Lawie presented this introductory webinar to demonstrate the use of IMDEX ioGAS software for processing geoscience data.

IMDEX ioGAS is found commonly in the mineral industry and increasingly in other geoscientific disciplines. The software is designed to put tools and workflows into your hands to better extract value from data. This workshop will start with a talk that demonstrates the philosophy and techniques we need to consider when analysing data. The remaining time will be an introduction to the software, workflows, and an overview of the various functions, before looking at some of the workflows. We will finish with a look at examples of more advanced analytic workflows, such as supervised and unsupervised learning techniques, and how these can be put into everyday practice with your data.

You will get a taste for what the software can do, why it is important to move beyond X-Y plots, and get a taster for further applications in your own area of use. The webinar will be suitable for people who have never used ioGAS before, as well as experienced users seeking another overview of the latest release and new analytical tools.