Marsh Funnel and Measuring Cup

Viscosity is a measurement relating to the flow properties of fluids. The funnel viscosity test can indicate changes in fluid properties, with measurements taken and recorded regularly. The marsh funnel is a simple device routinely used to check fluid viscosity. The marsh funnel is conical in shape; 152 mm in diameter at the top and 305 mm long with the capacity of 1500 ml. A 12 mesh screen covers half of the top designed to remove foreign matter and drill cuttings from the fluid. The fluid runs through a fixed orifice at the bottom of the funnel and collected in the mud jug. The OFITE Measuring Cup is graduated in fluid ounces (2 - 32 oz) and cubic centimeters (100 - 1,000 cc) and is designed to be used with the OFITE Marsh Funnel Viscometer. The heavy duty plastic measuring cup features a double spout and has the two scales molded into the inside of the cup for convenience.