Fluids by Industry

We offer a range of specialty products and expertise beyond the mining industry – from water well, HDD, CBM, to the civil construction and tunnelling industries

We develop, manufacture and supply quality drilling fluids, specialty products and equipment to clients within the mining, water well, HDD, CBM, civil construction and tunnelling industries worldwide.

Coal Bed Methane & Geothermal

AMC’s CBM and Geothermal product range are tailored for a variety of well types and conditions. Our specialized drilling fluid systems are designed to address multiple issues, such as protecting the coal, reducing damage to cleats, minimizing changes to the charges in the coal, high temperature and high pressure drilling. AMC’s innovative and purpose designed systems are supported by qualified and experienced drilling fluid engineers, an extensive global distribution network and advanced research and development capabilities.

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Civil Construction

AMC’s range of bentonite and polymer based fluid solutions for civil construction are designed to support the formation, and effectively remove cuttings from the excavation face. Drilling fluids create a stable filter cake that supports civil construction projects, including the installation of diaphragm walls and bored piles in soft, unconsolidated ground, and provide support at the drill face in micro-tunnelling projects.

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Drill & Blast

Our range of quality drilling fluids provides a cost-effective, complete package solution for Drill and Blast operations. AMC’s drilling fluid range is specially formulated to improve the productivity of Drill and Blast operations and be suitable for a broad range of applications, from surface drill patterns of all sizes through to underground drill and blast rings.

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The use of drilling fluid additives can have a huge impact on drilling performance in geotechnical drilling. AMC’s geotechnical drilling fluid range includes several bentonite alternatives, environmentally friendly products, drilling additives and grouts. These products can assist with stabilizing unconsolidated and abrasive grounds, such as flowing sand or gravel, and aid with improving sample recovery.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

AMC’s range of quality drilling fluids, solids control and recycling units provides a cost-effective, complete package solution for Horizontal Directional Drilling operations. AMC’s HDD drilling fluid range is specially formulated to avoid frac outs, minimize the impact of clays and sands, prevent fluid loss and are suitable for a broad range of HDD applications, from small to large diameter jobs.

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Mining and Exploration Drilling

Drilling fluids are a key part of the mineral exploration and production drilling process, and contribute to the productivity and successful completion of the hole. AMC delivers solutions to ensure operational success in a range of conditions, including difficult ground formations and in environmentally sensitive areas.

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Waterwell Drilling

AMC supplies a range of cost-effective, environmentally friendly drilling fluids, services and technical support to assist in the successful completion of waterwells, from single aquifer systems to complex multi-aquifer artesian wells. AMC’s Waterwell engineers provide unrivalled support to it’s customers. With expert knowledge and understanding of geological formations, and supported by extensive Research and Development laboratories for further water and geological chemical analysis, they provide effective mud program recommendations and monitoring.

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