Global Support

On-site technical supports, customized training, state-of-the-art research and development and environmental solutions; all part of our service.

Global Technical Support

Our highly mobile team of fluid and equipment engineers provide on-site and local support to improve productivity, resolve challenges and train drill crews. We have extensive experience in geology, drilling fluid chemistry, drilling calculations and best practise in a variety of drilling operations. Please contact your local AMC representative for support today.

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Advanced R&D Capabilities

At AMC we develop and manufacture the majority of our own products. Our research, development and testing laboratories are managed by qualified industrial chemists specializing in drilling fluid development. These resources allow us to develop fit-for-purpose and site-specific products in collaboration our clients globally.

Our laboratories and chemists are also equipped to complete: mud testing; partial formation damage studies; environmental studies; and analytical testing. We utilize a range of sophisticated equipment, including extreme high temperature and pressure rheometers, to ensure products meet the most demanding requirements in the harshest drilling conditions.

Commitment to Environmental Solutions

We are committed to the development of environmentally friendly drilling fluids and products, together with biodegradable packaging options. Many of our products are tested extensively across a wide range of environmental parameters.

Project Engineering

Our experienced engineers provide expert customer and technical support we have the ability to design, construct and deliver client-specific solids control equipment. Our design capabilities include: system specification; mechanical design; electrical design; and system automation and control. We are committed to continually improving our equipment fleet, providing high quality products, services and practices for our clients.

Industry best knowledge and skills training, anywhere, anytime.

IMDEX Academy is committed to facilitate learning; supporting you to be at the forefront of the latest market lead technologies. IMDEX’s e-Learning portal, offers practical training on the company’s solutions and individual product offerings.

The training platform offers a range of courses and training programs, from e-Learning tutorials, videos and assessments through to self-help webinars. This and a wealth of free resources are available for the user.

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