Drilling Optimisation

The combined strengths of IMDEX’s leading brands AMC and REFLEX together offer a powerful Drilling Optimisation solution for any size drilling contractor or resource company.

AMC has had over 30 years experience establishing itself as one of the world’s leading brands for drilling fluids and equipment – developing, manufacturing and supplying a range of specialised and innovative products to the mining industry.

Whilst REFLEX’s history of pioneering downhole drilling technology has cemented its reputation for providing reliable, accurate and easy to use equipment that you can trust.

As specialists in Drilling Optimisation, the company aims to redefine the way drilling fluids, equipment, technology and software are used, to ensure execution of drilling programs to specification, on time, within budget and safely.

The Drilling Optimisation solution continually improves results through the Plan, Drill and Monitor cycle by optimising workflows and utilising the latest technologies in its market leading products. The solution has been refined and developed to respond to increasing pressure for companies to improve efficiencies and minimise the risk of error.

Knowing you have the expert support of AMC and REFLEX on site when needed to deliver site specific solutions is why IMDEX has built a reputation based on trust.

Industry challenges

An end-to-end solution like IMDEX's Drilling Optimisation solution can assist clients facing:
  • Pressure to increase productivity and rate of penetration

  • Core recovery and / or sample integrity issues

  • Torque, lost circulation, fluid loss, borehole instability, or hole cleaning issues

  • Challenges in consistently hitting targets under pressure

  • Pressure of health, safety and environmental responsibility

  • Lack of visibility on contact progress and reporting

IMDEX's end-to-end Drilling Optimisation solution

An end-to-end solution like IMDEX's Drilling Optimisation solution offers all the associated benefits of working with one trusted technology provider for a complete solution. Resource companies and drilling contractors can now benefit from operational efficiencies by utilising one company offering the integration of award winning technologies such as the following:


IMDEX is currently developing the XTRACTA™ which will allow the driller to inspect and/or change the bit/reamer each time the core is retrieved. This means there is no need to pull the rods to change bits and the hole is always cased, maintaining hole integrity and allowing greater efficiency throughout the drilling process.


An automated in-field mud diagnosis unit guides drillers to optimise and complete drilling fluid programs, without the need for a dedicated drilling fluid engineer on site.


A wire-line downhole solution that works proactively, making targeted injections that produce a thin, robust lubristic membrane to stabilise the borehole and prevent lost circulation.

AMC SRU™ Range

The award-winning portable closed-loop systems that eliminate the need for earthen sumps by separating drilled solids and cleaning drill fluid for reuse.

AMC Drilling Fluids™

AMC’s range of drilling fluids maintain sample integrity, improve productivity and control costs, in a variety of ground formations or environmentally sensitive circumstances.


Quickly and accurately aligns drill rigs in surface and underground operations. The driller operable device takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, minimising downtime, improving productivity and saving costs.


The magnetic removal tool ensures maximum protection of the core sample and core orientation mark, preserving the accuracy of the core retrieved with reduced human risk and error.


The award-winning cloud-based hub sits at the heart of IMDEX’s solutions, providing real-time secure access to information between the field and the office.


The drilling industry's leading choice for paperless data collection and productivity cost reporting. This off-the-shelf software ensures users can make confident decisions based on real-time data they can trust.