Horizontal Directional Drilling

At AMC we develop, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of quality drilling fluids and specialty products to mining, water well, HDD, CBM, civil construction and tunnelling industries worldwide.

These products are complemented by our integrated range of equipment, which is designed to optimise our clients' drilling operations and reduce environmental impact.

Complete control of our supply chain from in-house development to on-site delivery

AMC's years of experience in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) fluid design, supply and maintenance coupled with advanced research and development and close collaboration with our clients has allowed us to build a unique understanding of the diverse issues faced in drilling operations.

We help our HDD clients overcome challenges by redesigning drilling fluid life cycles from beginning to end. AMC designs processes where high-quality drilling fluids and technologies, high-quality technical support, real-time data, training, R&D, and supply chain control, merge to ensure a measured and positive approach to productivity.

Our range of quality drilling fluids, solids control and recycling units provide a cost-effective, complete package solution for HDD operations. AMC's drilling fluid range is specially formulated to improve the productivity of HDD operations and be suitable for a broad range of applications, from small to large diameter jobs.

AMC's HDD solutions can

  • Increase Rate of Penetration (ROP) and reduce downtime

  • Address downhole issues such as borehole stability, hole cleaning, cuttings transport, solids removal, swelling clays, frac outs, washouts, and twist offs

  • Reduce wear and tear and extend equipment life

  • Educate and support drill crews

  • Reduce health and safety risks

  • Provide monitoring and reporting

  • Manage environmental impact.

HDD Equipment


AMC's award-winning Solids Removal Units™ are an innovative alternative to disposal and high disposal costs.

Our Solids Removal Units™ provide meaningful and measurable benefits for the environment, on-site health and safety and, operational efficiency while also delivering significant cost savings.

Drilling Fluids

Our drilling fluids are designed to promote operational success in all ground formations and environmentally sensitive areas.

We have a comprehensive range of muds and specialty products to enhance drilling productivity and resolve challenges such as difficult clays and shales; unconsolidated and fractured formations; lost circulation problems, or working with hard or salt-saturated water. Our In-house production and manufacturing capabilities also enable us to modify or develop site-specific products as needed.


Research and Development and Support Capabilities

Our team of experienced mud engineers and technicians work closely with clients to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and resolve site-specific challenges. Engineers and technicians can provide remote and on-site advice and training to promote optimum use of AMC drilling fluids and equipment.

We are also supported by our in-house laboratory specialists who have the ability to analyse samples and customise drilling fluid properties for our clients.