IMDEX delivering a step change for Drill and Blast applications

IMDEX is continuously refining its integrated product and service offering to enhance productivity and efficiency for clients.

As part of our new range to support the Drill and Blast market, AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER™ is a multifunctional product, which improves operational productivity and reduces costs associated with drilling and downstream processes.

AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER™ is formulated specifically for air drilling applications. Trials have demonstrated benefits throughout the entire mining process. Its unique formulation enables the product to penetrate the formation surrounding the hole to bind friable and fragmented material. As a result, the requirement for expensive re-drills, excess conditioning or traditional lining/casing methods is reduced significantly.

IMDEX has undertaken rigorous testing of this product with large suppliers of explosive products and services within Asia Pacific. AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER™ is now certified for use with applicable explosive products and its benefits are being recognized by the industry.

Specific productivity and economic benefits include:

  • Fewer collar and hole collapses, which reduces the requirement for re-drills and the associated costs;
  • Less collapsed material in the hole, which reduces the need for overdrills and maintains the integrity and effectiveness of the explosives; and
  • Fewer misfires caused by larger materials that fall and cut the detonator core.

Ja Smith, Business Development Manager for AMC, said AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER™ also provides environmental benefits for Drill and Blast applications.

“By binding the walls of the drillhole it reduces explosive product runaway in fractures and water, resulting in better performance and less fumes such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide. Toxic gases can be considered a major risk for mining companies globally – particularly when operations are close to towns, major roads and farming communities.”

Mine to mill studies suggest that quality drill and blast operations improve fragmentation, which then benefit downstream activities and processes – for example load and haul and comminution (crushing and grinding).

“Knowing that holes have been drilled to plan is another critical component to the blasting process”, added Ja Smith.

“Leading instruments such as our REFLEX EZ-TRAC™ enable fast, efficient and highly accurate surveys of production holes. These survey results can be automatically calculated and displayed on a handheld device or uploaded into IMDEXHUB-IQ™, where it can be accessed by drill and blast engineers in real-time or near real-time.”

IMDEX has a range of solutions from it’s leading brands AMC and REFLEX. Some solutions to individual issues create value, however when a product like AMC BORE HOLE STABILISER™ addresses multiple challenges for an operation, it delivers a ‘step change’ in productivity and efficiency. It is the aim of IMDEX’s mining solutions to create this value for clients.

IMDEX is continuously refining its integrated product and service offering to enhance productivity and efficiency for clients.