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PDAC 2018 - Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada

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Date: Monday 4 March 2019
Duration: 30 minutes + question time
Location: Caledon/Oakville Rooms. InterContinental Toronto Centre – Just 250m from PDAC

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12:00pmReal-time Decision Making in Exploration
12:45pmJoin us for Lunch
1:45pmDeveloping a Workflow for Oriented Core Success
2:30pmA New Wave of Drilling Optimisation
5:00pmRelax with IMDEX

Our Presentations

Real-time Decision Making in Exploration

Presented by Dr. Michelle Carey - General Manager - IMDEX Product Development and Gervais Perron - Principal Geoscientist

From your survey tools to geochemical and petrophysical sensors, learn how new technologies can help you to make better real-time decisions in the field or back in the office. The presentation includes a demonstration of our new link with Seequent’s Central 3D platform. Those interested in real-time geochemical analysis are also welcome to view our in-field geoanalyis equipment which will be set up in the room.

Developing a Workflow for Oriented Core Success

Presented by Chris Brown - Oriented Targeting Solutions

In this workshop, we’re focussing on utilizing the most effective hardware and software technologies to allow for real-time targeting. We look at strategies and processes such as quality control, query-able database structure, real-time visualization, and importing of validated and domained structural data into the 3D workspace.

A New Wave of Drilling Optimisation

Presented by Troy Giesler - IMDEX Global Sales Director

Processes in drilling have hardly changed in 30 years - so what have we come up with to aid efficiency in a time where we are drilling deeper, have more environmental restrictions, greater data requirements, higher safety and quality standards? In this workshop, we look at the tools of the future and those that are here now that are going to impact exploration drillers on the ground.


Join leading IMDEX brands, AMC and REFLEX for drinks to unwind after PDAC.

About our speakers

Michelle Carey - General Manager - IMDEX Product Development

Michelle has over 20 years industry experience in an array of geochemical specialist and senior management roles. Michelle has worked for companies including WMC Resources and BHP Billiton. In her time with ioGlobal and now with Imdex Michelle has been involved in delivering innovative new technology into the exploration and mining sector. Michelle is currently General Manager - IMDEX Product Development. In this role she leads the architecture and promotion of our “end to end solutions”.

Gervais Perron - Principal Geoscientist

Gervais has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry focused on the application of new software technologies and 3D multidisciplinary data integration for mineral exploration. Deep understanding of the development, strategic positioning and sales of software platforms as well as their applications to real exploration challenges. He is a strong believer in the integration of exploration data sets as a process to enhance our understanding of complex ore deposit systems.

Chris Brown - Oriented Targeting Solutions

Chris has 22 years of experience working in the mining exploration industry, including 7 years of developing best-practices for capturing and modeling oriented structural data. Since founding Oriented Targeting Solutions in 2016, Chris has worked in multiple deposit types; training clients world-wide to implement proven and cost-effective procedures for oriented core drill programs. After working with over 20 exploration groups over the last two years, he's integrated new innovations into the workflow with a focus on real-time understanding and targeting of structural controls on mineralization using high-quality oriented structural data.

Troy Giesler -
AMC Global Sales Director

As Global Sales Director for AMC, Troy works closely with IMDEX’s regions, leading product champion teams to think beyond the supply of quality drilling fluids and investing in technology for new ways to drill safely, effectively and sustainably. Troy has numerous years’ experience in the minerals and oil & gas sectors, and works with resource companies and drilling contractors to achieve the best possible sample for the lowest possible overall drilling cost. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with drillers, drilling fluid engineers, contractors in a variety of drilling disciplines giving him a broad understanding of the challenges faced in the minerals and construction industries.