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    AMC BORE SEAL™ is used to improve borehole stability and core recovery by improving fluid loss control, seepage loss and other fluid loss control situations in highly porous and fractured formations. It is available in three grades – (F)ine, (M)edium and (C)oarse. AMC BORE SEAL™ F fibers will matrix within the wall cake to form an impermeable thin skin on the filter bed resulting in minimal fluid invasion into formation. AMC BORE SEAL™ M & C can be used as loss circulation additives when more severe losses are encountered.


    AMC BOS FIX™ is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the AMC BOS UNIT™ as a preventative maintenance system to minimize borehole torque and fluid losses, while also maximising borehole stabilisation, penetration rates, core recovery and overall productivity.


    No siempre es posible predecir cuándo o cómo las cosas pueden complicarse dentro del pozo. El AMC BOS™ (Borehole Optimisation System / Sistema de Optimización del pozo) se anticipa a la pérdida de fluido, a la pérdida de circulación y zonas inestables, incluso en las condiciones más adversas, haciendo que las operaciones sean más fluidas y predecibles.


    AMC PLUG™ is a polymer in granular form that absorbs up to 500 times its original volume in water. AMC PLUG™ is ideal for sealing zones of lost circulation and can also be used to reduce rod vibration in holes where lost returns are a problem.


    MAGMA FIBER es un producto especialmente formulado de la extrusión de fibra mineral hilada. Las fibras largas y flexibles reducirán filtraciones y pérdida de circulación formando puentes y obstruyendo huecos, fracturas y todo tipo de formaciones permeables.