Flocculants & Dispersants

Flocculants promote aggregation of ultra-fine solids to assist settling and removal from the fluid system keeping it in optimal condition. They will also enhance productivity by improving the rate of penetration (ROP).Dispersants are polymeric thinners and treating chemicals that de-flocculate bentonite based mud systems. Dispersants can also be used for breaking down wall cake.

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    AMC FLOC BLOCKS™ are an anionic flocculant in the form of a solid block which has been specially designed to slowly dissolve in water flows and to flocculate drill solids and promote them settling in the surface pits.


    AMC FLOC DD™ is a specially formulated flocculant designed specifically to promote settlement of fine to colloidal sized drill cuttings in non-dispersed, polymer and low-solids water based drilling fluid systems. The cationic charge found in AMC FLOC DD™ neutralises the surface charges and also attaches to particles causing them to aggregate and form flocs, the flocs then settle quickly when entering the surface pits.


    AMC LIQUI SPERSE™ is a polymeric thinner designed to effectively deflocculate bentonite muds and control rheological properties. It is a water soluble, easily dispersed liquid and requires only small concentrations to provide effective thinning results. AMC LIQUI SPERSE™ can be added to thin and stabilize bentonite muds prior to the addition of other additives such as AMC PAC L™ filtration reducing agent.


    AMC WELLCLEAN™ is used in the development and clean up of water wells where bentonite based mud has been used. AMC WELLCLEAN™ breaks down the viscosity of a bentonite mud and will disperse any wall cake that has formed on the walls of the drill hole, promoting rapid and effective clean up.