Lost Circulation

Lost Circulation Materials (LCMs) are used to seal zones where total loss, seepage or partial returns are experienced. LCM products work by sealing and plugging loss zones, by bridging and plugging off voids or by forming a matrix within the wall cake to create an impermeable filter cake. LCMs will improved borehole stability and deliver significant mud cost savings.

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    AMC BORE SEAL™ is used to improve borehole stability and core recovery by improving fluid loss control, seepage loss and other fluid loss control situations in highly porous and fractured formations. It is available in three grades – (F)ine, (M)edium and (C)oarse. AMC BORE SEAL™ F fibers will matrix within the wall cake to form an impermeable thin skin on the filter bed resulting in minimal fluid invasion into formation. AMC BORE SEAL™ M & C can be used as loss circulation additives when more severe losses are encountered.


    AMC BOS FIX™ is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the AMC BOS UNIT™ as a preventative maintenance system to minimize borehole torque and fluid losses, while also maximising borehole stabilisation, penetration rates, core recovery and overall productivity.


    Down the borehole, you can’t always predict when or how things will go wrong. AMC’s patent pending Borehole Optimisation System (AMC BOS™) anticipates fluid loss, lost circulation and unstable zones, even in the most difficult conditions – making operations smoother and more predictable.


    AMC PLUG™ is a polymer in granular form that absorbs up to 500 times its original volume in water. AMC PLUG™ is ideal for sealing zones of lost circulation and can also be used to reduce rod vibration in holes where lost returns are a problem.


    AMC WALPLUG™ (F, M, C) is made from ground nut shells and is noncompressible, so it can be used in squeeze slurries as well as more conventional LCM applications. AMC WALPLUG™ is available in fine, medium and coarse grades.


    MAGMA FIBER is a specially formulated extrusion of spun mineral fibre. The long, flexible fibres will reduce seepage and lost circulation by bridging and plugging off voids, fractures and all types of permeable formation.