Lubricants & Cutting Oils

Lubricants and Cutting Oils are designed to reduce friction and assist improving bit face-formation contact. Reduced torque will improve the Rate of Penetration (ROP) and reduce wear and tear on equipment, extending bit life. Other benefits include reducing rod vibration and bit balling. These products are designed to work in extreme downhole environments, with high pressure and temperature conditions.

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    AMC BIODEGRADABLE HAMMER OIL™ is a vegetable oil based hammer lubricant supplied in three grades, 150, 320 and 460 centipoise.


    AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ is a biodegradable non-toxic grease formulated from vegetable oils, specialised tackifiers and thickening agents to produce a very stable compound suited for diamond drilling applications in areas where environmental protection is of paramount importance. AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ contains no mineral oils, heavy metals, barium, environmentally unfriendly solvents, PSB’s, copper or zinc compounds. Through enhanced surface sticking characteristics AMC BIODEGRADABLE ROD GREASE™ offers superior performance to reduce vibration and frictional drag between the rod and casing or rock strata.


    AMC BIT GUARD™ is a vegetable oil based lubricant that has been developed as a surface-acting rate of penetration (ROP) enhancer and is designed for use in water-based drilling fluid systems. Its properties were designed for the operating parameters at the face of an impregnated diamond bit giving improved penetration rates and extended bit life. A fluid system containing AMC BIT GUARD™ promotes hydrophobic coating on both the bit and cuttings surfaces. This prevents clay and shale cuttings from balling up the bit and blocking nozzles, improving bit cutting efficiency and increasing penetration rates.


    AMC BOS FIX™ is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the AMC BOS UNIT™ as a preventative maintenance system to minimize borehole torque and fluid losses, while also maximising borehole stabilisation, penetration rates, core recovery and overall productivity.


    AMC BREAKOUT BLUE™ is an environmentally acceptable, high performance, anti-seize product. AMC BREAKOUT BLUE™ has outstanding film strength and resistance to corrosion, particularly in wet environments.


    AMC COPPER COMPOUND™ is a high quality, non-melt, anti-seize thread compound containing solid lubricants to ensure outstanding lubrication and high temperature resistance. AMC COPPER COMPOUND™ is designed to prevent galling, it protects threads from wear, tear and seizing. AMC COPPER COMPOUND™ will not evaporate when exposed to extreme high temperatures. AMC COPPER COMPOUND™ contains anti-rust agents, is wash resistant, will operate under extreme pressures and is lead free.

  • AMC DRTG ZN50™

    AMC DRTG ZN50™ is a heavy duty, high performance thread compound containing 50 % metallic zinc, thickening agents and proprietary additives. AMC DRTG ZN50™ is a No. 2 consistency grease designed to reduce galling, friction and minimise wear. AMC DRTG ZN50™ is extremely tenacious and will adhere to all metal surfaces, is resistant to water wash and helps prevent corrosion.


    AMC EZEE CUT™ is a blend of highly refined mineral oils, emulsifiers and surfactants specially formulated to produce a low cost, high performance cutting oil for mineral drilling applications. AMC EZEE CUT™ will provide lubrication and can significantly extend bit and reamer life which will benefit both cost and production.


    AMC EZYCORE™ is vegetable based oil which was developed specifically for the mineral exploration industry. Its extreme pressure lubrication properties were designed for the operating parameters at the face of a bit giving improved penetration rates and extended bit life.


    AMC GORILLA GRIP™ is a specially formulated, tenacious, barium-based grease recommended for use on diamond drill rods to reduce vibration and friction between the rod and casing or rock strata. AMC GORILLA GRIP™ is particularly effective in dry hole drilling, is thermally stable and will perform in a variety of harsh conditions. AMC GORILLA GRIP™ has superior adhesion characteristics designed to provide exceptional film strength when subjected to extreme down hole pressures.


    AMC HAMMER OIL WITH MOLY™ is a specially blended high quality mineral oil combined with moly-lube additive, molybdenum disulfide, to form a heavy duty percussion tool lubricant supplied in two ISO grades, 320 and 460 centipoises AMC HAMMER OIL WITH MOLY™ was developed to provide enhanced lubricating properties and greater protection on the metal surfaces to reduce wear of heavily loaded parts to prevent seizure.


    AMC HAMMER OIL™ is a specially formulated mineral-oil based heavy duty hammer lubricant supplied in two ISO grades, 320 and 460 centipoises with or without molylube additive – molybdenum disulfide. This product improves the lubrication and wear characteristics of pneumatically powered DTH hammers.

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