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  • AMC 1000 SC™

    The AMC 1000 SC™ provides an innovative alternative to fluid sumps, offering solids control to optimise drilling fluid and drilling efficiency. The unit processes solids up to 260gpm / 1000Lpm, and incorporates high flow shakers suitable for HDD, mud rotary, diamond drilling and chip-core operations (up to 12 ¼” diameter for top hole drilling).


    The AMC Solids Removal Unit™ (SRU™) is an innovative alternative to fluid sumps, proving highly beneficial for the environment, on-site health and safety, operational efficiency as well as delivering significant cost savings. The SRU™ closed-loop system is transforming drilling operations worldwide, reducing environmental impact and footprint of the drill site.

  • AMC TRAILER 2.0™

    The AMC TRAILER 2.0™ is highly mobile solids control unit, designed for Horizontal Directional Drilling operations. The unit is able to be easily towed, manoeuvred and set up on-site.


    The AMC Ultra Lightweight Solids Removal Unit™ (AMC ULW SRU™) is a highly versatile drilling fluid recycling unit, designed for use in compact spaces or in remote locations. The unit’s closed-loop system decreases the volume of water and mud, reducing operational costs and creating a safer work environment. Its size and shape allows for easy transport via helicopter, light vehicle, manually or in modular sections.

  • AMC ULW SRU™ featuring IMDEX MUD AID™

    As part of IMDEX’s Drilling Optimisation solution, the IMDEX MUD AID™ and AMC Ultra-light Solids Removal Unit™ (ULW SRU™) converge to optimise rate of penetration, core recovery and meters per bit, utilising the latest solids control, fluid analysis and remote tracking technology – all in an ultra light-weight design.