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    AMC DET XTRA™ is a concentrated blend of surfactants which are highly effective at coating metal surfaces. AMC DET XTRA™ is designed to reduce the surface tension in water based fluids and reduce the tendency of clays to stick to metal surfaces including the drill string.

  • AMC DRTG ZN50™

    AMC DRTG ZN50™ is a heavy duty, high performance thread compound containing 50 % metallic zinc, thickening agents and proprietary additives. AMC DRTG ZN50™ is a No. 2 consistency grease designed to reduce galling, friction and minimise wear. AMC DRTG ZN50™ is extremely tenacious and will adhere to all metal surfaces, is resistant to water wash and helps prevent corrosion.


    AMC ECO GRIP A & B™ is a dual component, low density, rigid, foaming agent specifically designed for plugging applications. AMC ECO GRIP A & B™ is formulated with a Zero ODP¹, Zero GWP², and VOC³ exempt revolutionary blowing agent which is CFC, HCFC and HFC free. AMC ECO GRIP A & B™ provides superior adhesion. It contains a flame retardant additive and is designed for ease of mixing in field applications.


    AMC EZEE BORE™ es producto a base de bentonita de alta calidad y fácil de mezclar que proporciona excelentes propiedades reológicas y alto control de filtración, ideal para ser usado en perforación horizontal direccional, pozos de agua, minería y aplicaciones en túneles.


    AMC EZEE DRILL™ is a simple to use liquid product that will help improve drilling efficiency by providing borehole stability and lubrication without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. This product is ideally suited to underground drilling operations where only minimal shearing is available.


    AMC EZEE PAC L™ is a new generation, highly dispersive low viscosity polyanionic cellulose polymer used for improving filtration control in most water based drilling fluid systems without appreciably increasing viscosity. AMC EZEE PAC L™ will not fisheye and has been designed to disperse rapidly into any make-up water even under the poorest conditions. The mixing efficiencies of AMC EZEE PAC L™ reduces wastage and promotes lower mud costs and total hole costs.


    de celulosa polioaniónica altamente dispersibles que se utilizan como controladores de filtrado y viscosificantes en la mayoría de los sistemas de fluidos con base acuosa. AMC EZEE PAC R™ no forma grumos porque ha sido diseñado para dispersarse rápidamente en cualquier tipo de agua, incluso en las peores condiciones. La eficiencia en el mezclado de AMC EZEE PAC R™ reduce el desperdicio y promueve reducir costos de lodo y los costos totales de la perforación.


    AMC EZEE TROL'» es una mezcla de polímeros de nueva generación altamente dispersible y versátil. Proporciona un fluido altamente viscoso y estabiliza mecánicamente el pozo en todo tipo de perforaciones. AMC EZEE TROL™ no forma grumos, ya que fue diseñado para dispersarse rápidamente en cualquier tipo de agua de preparación, incluso siendo adicionado en equipos básicos de mezclado.


    AMC FILTREX™ is a high molecular weight polymer emulsion. When added to a water-based drilling fluid, it reduces the rate at which drilling fluid pressure invades the borehole wall during drilling. AMC FILTREX™ can also be used when drilling into reactive clays and shales, reducing pore pressure transmission and improving filtrate control. AMC FILTREX™ is effective in brittle, water-sensitive formations.


    AMC FLOC BLOCKS™ are an anionic flocculant in the form of a solid block which has been specially designed to slowly dissolve in water flows and to flocculate drill solids and promote them settling in the surface pits.


    AMC FLOC DD™ is a specially formulated flocculant designed specifically to promote settlement of fine to colloidal sized drill cuttings in non-dispersed, polymer and low-solids water based drilling fluid systems. The cationic charge found in AMC FLOC DD™ neutralises the surface charges and also attaches to particles causing them to aggregate and form flocs, the flocs then settle quickly when entering the surface pits.

  • AMC FS 2000™

    AMC FS 2000™ is a rapidly yielding, high molecular weight polymer in liquid form that provides viscosity without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. AMC FS 2000™ will help improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation.

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