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    AMC BENTONITE PELLETS™ es un material granular altamente comprimido hecho a partir de bentonita sódica premium. AMC BENTONITE PELLETS™ tiene la ventaja de alcanzar mayores profundidades debido a su naturaleza de alta compresión del pellet.

  • AMC 1000 SC™

    The AMC 1000 SC™ provides an innovative alternative to fluid sumps, offering solids control to optimise drilling fluid and drilling efficiency. The unit processes solids up to 260gpm / 1000Lpm, and incorporates high flow shakers suitable for HDD, mud rotary, diamond drilling and chip-core operations (up to 12 ¼” diameter for top hole drilling).

  • AMC 1500 R™

    The AMC 1500 R™ RECYCLING UNIT is a German-engineered purpose built fluid recycling unit, designed to remove and dispose of drill cuttings in the mud flow cycle of horizontal directional drilling and waterwell drilling applications.

  • AMC 2000 M™

    The AMC 2000 M™ is a self contained system enabling quick and efficient mixing of drilling fluids on site. The unit’s powerful high shear venturi mixing system allows for fast addition and provides a continuous workflow to improve efficiency in HDD, waterwell, microtunneling and deep drilling operations.

  • AMC 500 R™

    The AMC 500 R™ RECYCLING UNIT is a German engineered purpose built fluid recycling unit designed to remove and dispose of drill cuttings in the mud flow cycle of the horizontal directional drilling and waterwell drilling industries.


    AMC BENTONITE PLUG™ is designed for use as sealant for hole abandonment, casing seals or any vertical seal to prevent water movement up or down a borehole.
    AMC BENTONITE PLUG™ is available in medium (M) (¼” – 3⁄8’’) and coarse (C) (3⁄8” – ¾”) grades.


    AMC BOS FIX™ is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with the AMC BOS UNIT™ as a preventative maintenance system to minimize borehole torque and fluid losses, while also maximising borehole stabilisation, penetration rates, core recovery and overall productivity.


    AMC CLAY DOCTOR L™ is a versatile modified encapsulating polymer used in water based drilling fluid systems to provide stability when encountering reactive clay and shale formations. AMC CLAY DOCTOR L™’s charge density and molecular weight are uniquely adjusted to maximise encapsulation with only a minimal increase in viscosity.


    AMC CLAY DOCTOR R™ is an encapsulating polymer that stabilizes clays and shales without substantially increasing viscosity. It provides excellent cuttings encapsulation and prevents cuttings from sticking together or dispersing into the mud system.

  • AMC CR 650™

    AMC CR 650™ es un polímero de alto peso molecular en polvo, que ha sido desarrollado para mejorar la encapsulación de recortes, como así también para ayudar a estabilizar la formación. El AMC CR 650™ forma una película de polímero protectora sobre la tubería y broca de perforación, sobre en las paredes del pozo, lo cual además contribuye a proporcionar lubricidad al perforar sobre formaciones problemáticas. Es ideal para uso en perforación horizontal direccional, pozos de agua, minería y aplicaciones de tunelería.


    AMC DEFOAMER S™ is a silicone based all purpose defoamer and anti-foamer for use in water based drilling fluids. It is designed to reduce surface tension and break foam bubbles over a wide variety of conditions.


    AMC DET XTRA™ is a concentrated blend of surfactants which are highly effective at coating metal surfaces. AMC DET XTRA™ is designed to reduce the surface tension in water based fluids and reduce the tendency of clays to stick to metal surfaces including the drill string.

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