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    AMC BACKFILL™ is a mixture of premium bentonite, gypsum and sodium sulphate.


    AMC BEN XTRA™ is a premium grade Wyoming sodium bentonite which meets or surpasses the API 13A test specifications for drilling grade bentonite.

  • AMC BEN™

    AMC BEN™ is a high quality sodium bentonite for use in mineral exploration, water well and directional drilling.


    AMC BENTONITE PELLETS R30™ are compressed tablets made from highly swelling sodium bentonite coated with a biodegradable non-sticking film that retards the hydration time and when placed forms a flexible, non-toxic impermeable seal. AMC BENTONITE PELLETS R30™ has the advantage of achieving greater depths due to the unique coating that slows down the hydration process.


    AMC BENTONITE PELLETS™ es un material granular altamente comprimido hecho a partir de bentonita sódica premium. AMC BENTONITE PELLETS™ tiene la ventaja de alcanzar mayores profundidades debido a su naturaleza de alta compresión del pellet.


    AMC CIVIL GEL XTRA™ is a premium grade sodium bentonite that meets API 13A section 9 specifications that exerts well-balanced rheological properties necessary for many civil engineering and construction applications.


    AMC LAVA GEL™ is a viscosifier used to build viscosity in all types of water, from fresh to saturated brines. AMC LAVA GEL™ is stable at extremely high temperatures, making it ideal for use in high temperature geothermal fluids.

  • AMC 1000 SC™

    The AMC 1000 SC™ provides an innovative alternative to fluid sumps, offering solids control to optimise drilling fluid and drilling efficiency. The unit processes solids up to 260gpm / 1000Lpm, and incorporates high flow shakers suitable for HDD, mud rotary, diamond drilling and chip-core operations (up to 12 ¼” diameter for top hole drilling).

  • AMC 117™

    El AMC 117™ proporciona una inhibición superior de arcillas y lutitas en fluidos de perforación poliméricos. AMC 117™ reduce las probabilidades de embolamiento de la herramienta en arcillas reactivas (bit balling), altos valores de torque y arrastre, como así también otros problemas relacionados con arcillas y lutitas. Además, este producto tiene mayor aceptación ambiental que inhibidores tradicionales como el cloruro de potasio.

  • AMC 1300™

    AMC 1300™ is a liquid non-ionic polymer specifically designed to perform in fresh water, saline environments and calcium chloride brines. AMC 1300™ will provide viscosity while also providing some lubrication to the drilling fluid resulting in improved hole stability and core recovery in broken, friable formations.

  • AMC 133X™

    AMC 133X™ is a rapidly yielding, high molecular weight polymer in liquid form that provides viscosity without the problems associated with mixing powdered polymers. AMC 133X™ will help improve core recovery, particularly in clays and shales and highly fractured formations. It provides cuttings encapsulation as well as helping to stabilise the formation.

  • AMC 1500 R™

    The AMC 1500 R™ RECYCLING UNIT is a German-engineered purpose built fluid recycling unit, designed to remove and dispose of drill cuttings in the mud flow cycle of horizontal directional drilling and waterwell drilling applications.

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