AMC HYDRO EZ GROUT™ is a water activated polyurethane injection grout specifically designed for use with the AMC BOS™ tool. AMC HYDRO EZ GROUT™ is used in wet hole environments where it is used to plug and seal highly permeable to cavernous zones or used to stabilise and bond together poorly consolidated formations.


AMC HYDRO EZ GROUT™ is used for sealing cavities in thief zones and can be used for ground stabilisation in loose unconsolidated formations when moist to flooded environments are encountered. AMC HYDRO EZ GROUT™ manually loaded into the AMC BOS™ tool and once dispensed and exposed to moisture will react to produce rigid urethane foam which will rapidly fill voids while also providing a cohesive bonding substance. It is suitable for use in combination with AMC BOS FIX™, please consult your AMC representative for engineering guidelines.

Recommended Treatment

Dosage rates will vary depending on the volume of foam required. AMC HYDRO EZ GROUT™ will expand to many times its initial volume depending on the depth of water column above the injection zone. The rigidity and density of the foam will also increase for the same reason.

Physical Properties

Appearance: Viscous amber liquid
Solubility in water: Reacts

Please note: This product may be subject to availability in your country. Several factors will dictate the most appropriate concentration rate. Please contact your nearest AMC representative for optimum results.


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